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Subject Source: Folk Genmat

Found in 3912 Collections and/or Records:

Archives Workshop 05/23/06, May 23, 2006

 Item — Box 66: [Barcode: 35025042003687], subbox: data_value_missing_6b3be6dabfa9005d9b62790f655acda4, Folder: 23

Arguments for the Arts, 2002

 Item — Box 99: [Barcode: 35025042003950], subbox: data_value_missing_35bcecab527dc4b87b2b4fd5dd373f8d, Folder: 3

ARIZONA, undated

 Item — Box 95: [Barcode: 35025042003992], subbox: data_value_missing_ca8bce80af597f05821845f224064af2, Folder: 1

Armenian Community, 1994

 Item — Box 78: [Barcode: 35025042003760], subbox: data_value_missing_f0b9cf8059d13f2f8791c585099e855b, Folder: 13

Artes Tradicionales, 2000

 Item — Box 103: [Barcode: 35025042004099], subbox: data_value_missing_ef0c1dda9be1875eeb1aab73b1edee05, Folder: 24

Reports, bios, fliers, budget sheet, access log of programming history, copy of TACS News, Winter 2001.

Dates: 2000

Artes Tradicionales Sp. Proj. 99-00, 1999-2000

 Item — Box 65: [Barcode: 35025042853693], subbox: data_value_missing_8a821a4c962e44b61a7048d4bc0994b1, Folder: 6

Article: Japanese Art by Joan Rabinowitz, April 1995

 Item — Box 77: [Barcode: 35025042003778], subbox: data_value_missing_789580a0aa9e62e1f47d26244080746a, Folder: 54

[Articles and reports on racial and ethnic diversity], 1999

 Item — Box 103: [Barcode: 35025042004099], subbox: data_value_missing_c5f0d723cc6eeeeaa3a48be3d3ef01fe, Folder: 21

Many copies of online articles and reports on racial and ethnic diversity with emphasis on the Hispanic community, copy of PowerPoint 'Public Perceptions of Stop Decisions by Oregon Police Officers' prepared for Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, Feb. 1999, by Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc., and a copy of the Chicano! Timeline, 1840-1975.

Dates: 1999

Articles for Arts Education Speech, undated

 Item — Box 93: [Barcode: 35025042853560], subbox: data_value_missing_4b74dedf63dfdb642b4c7db92ae7fdec, Folder: 39

Articles Latinos e Oregon, undated

 Item — Box 104: [Barcode: 35025042004081], subbox: data_value_missing_1da020e56a131fa60ff511abfd7beab4, Folder: 17

Two news articles: "Oregon dropout rate one of worst in U.S. (AP), and "Outreach focuses on Hispanic youth" (Mail Tribune).

Dates: undated

Articles: Nancy Nusz, 2001

 Item — Box 76: [Barcode: 35025042003786], subbox: data_value_missing_2b785514d7e3fa131ade5c2a5d1d2eee, Folder: 11

Articles on Latino Communities, 1999-2000

 Item — Box 104: [Barcode: 35025042004081], subbox: data_value_missing_08eeea8a8a78df9984490279692aee21, Folder: 26

Including many photocopied news articles, "Many Faces in God's House: A Catholic Vision for the Third Millennium"-partish guide from the Great Jubilee Year 2000, and Latino Northwest bilingual magazine May-June 1999.

Dates: 1999-2000

[Articles on programming], undated

 Item — Box 103: [Barcode: 35025042004099], subbox: data_value_missing_b1fd938adfec386f0a688b0401aa01d6, Folder: 1

Articulos-Cultura, undated

 Item — Box 104: [Barcode: 35025042004081], subbox: data_value_missing_91bb8c4262b971c7af81db9c8bf26c40, Folder: 19

[Artist bios and letters], undated

 Item — Box 104: [Barcode: 35025042004081], subbox: data_value_missing_cccabce2eebe39fec06b406aed54fbaa, Folder: 36

Information files with bios and letters from artists including: Rocio Bautista, Lillian Galindo, Melina Soto (Idaho), Martin Jacoco, Maximino Orozco, Alejandro Angeles, Cruz Mota, Angela Barajas, Lo Nuestro, Juan Ramon Ortega Flores, Ma. De Jesus Perez, V

Dates: undated